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Hi! Well, you managed to find me then? So what am I doing here?

er... the current excuse. Let me see. How's about, 'To answer burning issues, e.g. 'The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.' Why? And isn't old Reynard in the doghouse enough as it is - what with being the subject of discussion in both Houses of Parliament - without waking sleeping dogs?

Another valid point - whatever happened to white eggs? Those of us who have been around a while may remember the proud lion erect on the side of our white breakfast egg (not speaking personally as I can't stomach boiled eggs, but let's not spoil things for others...). And how did they achieve this pristine white eggshell effect in the first place? Did they leave eggs out in the sun, in some prosaic farmyard off the beaten track, to achieve that 'bleached out' effect? If so, should we be applying these same eggshells to our hair for that 'natural blonde' effect? It has to be safer than peroxide, let's face it.

Well, I think that's enough to get your teeth into, for now.

Think about it. Let me know. oh, you can reach me on


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