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Greetings Earthlings. Tod le Squire here.
I was ambling on my merry way the other year when I bumbled across a most unusual happenstance.

  You know that feeling when you been here before? Déjà vu, I reckon. 

Well atanyrate* it was most strange**. Makes the hair stand on end.

The murmurings of the Toerag in the dew. 

The Gordon blighters are all over the shop. Would you credit it?  

A-mawing and a-grating in the downy purple,  kicking up the beeswax and creating all manner of mayhem. Hairy bones, indeed.   

And only yesteryear I said to my baloney bosom pal Candida, "That could never happen." 

It just goes to show. You never can tell what may upfront in the gloaming next. 

Keep your eyes peeled.

Time for grub-up.

Asta el dayglow

The Maestro 

Tod L Esq
Purveyor of Business and Personal Correspondence

* atanyrate may not to be confused with 'postal rate' - for printed matter, airmail, registered and the like...

** Mr T L does not approve of asterisks, or b-sterisks, for that matter, but when a point needs expanding etc





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