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winnie's early poems
Bluebell poem

It's the time of the year
when catkins are drooping from the trees
like dozing caterpillars suspended in mid-air;
When little buds appear on barren branches;
And every tiny primrose is a miracle.

(other people's images = Kent Countryside )
Two by two
Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.

~ James Bryant Conant


That's insane!

Sagbag the Pirate

Sagbag was sad. Once, he had been a brave swashbuckling pirate chief, sailing the seven seas on his ship, 'The Jolly Jack Tar', in search of buried treasure. In those days, he was full of beans; braving the elements and steering his ship into safe anchorage at his home port of Orlando.

'How to Write a Bestseller' or 'A Novel Idea'

Do YOU know your authors? Follow the clues below. Twelve manuscripts have been used to illustrate the talk. How many books have you read? The answers are...

What Shall I Wear?
I was beginning to despair. For years, the most noticeable feature of the 'young and trendy' were those 'Doc Marten' brogues.
More Words for Today

Question not, but live and labour
Till the task is done;
Helping every needy neighbour,
Seeking help from none.

Life is mostly froth and bubble,
Two things stand like stone;
Kindness in another's trouble,
Courage in your own.

WHAT did you say?
Shakespeare's 18th summit. The shadow the Ian compere* the to a summer's day? Valve what up to Malta lovely intakes perfection antidote mop cigarette. Raphael wins do shake the Darling buds of 1 May, 
Teddy Grant

SCATTERGUTS or 'How did I get from the lemon tree

to here?'

Tell me a story
The Day We Met the Queen Mother
The natural anarchy of students will not acknowledge the majesty of the Royal Family, but every student loves a good day out.
That's just nonsense!
Cats and Dogs
Tod le Squire
I was ambling on my merry way the other year when I bumbled across a most unusual happenstance.
It's just a cliché
clichés were coming thick and fast, boldly going and jumping the queue
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