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First, let winnie explain:

I've got a bear, a yellow growly bear;
and, when I go on holiday, he's always there.

You'll find him at the bar, you'll find him by the pool;
A clever Cosmopolitan that's never been to school.

I used to say, "He's not mine! He's travelling with my son."
But when my son don't fly with me my story's all undone.

He doesn't shock the locals. He's really rather shy.
He doesn't mind my company. That's all from me. Bye bye! WMC

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to here?' My mate Tod

5 July 2002

Dateline - Stockholm

Land of the Midnight Sun

Land of the Eternal Rain (I am reliably informed that most of it comes across from England). One minute, I am tasting the Aegean air and, the next thing I know, I'm on my bike and high-tailing it for the airport and pastures new.

Hallo Sailor! Well, I may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb (in this case, lying down with a lion). Hardly surprising I ended up with a cock-eyed view of the Kungslottet (King's Castle), until a Good Samaritan came along and rescued me. Better than ending up in the gutter? Though it was touch and go there for a while (get your hand off my thigh!). I could have arrived at that Westeroast airport in time for all the fun!

À la récherche du temps perdu (spot of French there). Did you know that Sweden is the land of the bike? Bet you didn't know that, eh? On the whole, my 'agréables vacances'. History and culture and scenery (or should that be 'greenery?) I think I have dried out now. Anyone going my way? By the way, is this my best side?

teddygrant, to you!



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