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WHOOPING COUGH - pass the child under the belly of a piebald horse.

SMALLPOX AND MEASLES - Live fowl hung upside-down from a beam in patient's bedroom, with its feathers plucked. Within twenty-four hours spots/rash will transfer to the fowl, the bird will turn black and congested and die in final struggle, leaving the patient free of infection. Used up to 1960's.

HERNIA -  the child should crawl through an ash sapling before breakfast, fasting.

THRUSH - one born without father (i.e. posthumous) should blow into the infected mouth.

WART - a) soak nine bramble leaves  in spring water.
               b) rub meat flesh into wart, then bury the meat to
                    decay it.

ILL-WISHING - to be avoided at all costs. Pass witch on right-hand side of the road, don't catch her eye. Otherwise this will lead to a) months of sickness, b) cattle fall sick, c) fish refuse to bite, d) plants wither. REMEDY - draw blood from witch, then her power will cease.

DEATH OF OX/OTHER ANIMAL - take out creature's heart, stick it with nails an dpins, and roast it before fire until pins drop out. The witch will suffer in sympathy with the roasting heart and be forced to confess.

OWLS - birds of ill-omen.

RAVENS (croaking over house)
CROWING HEN                                 ditto

PILLOWS - stuff with feathers of wild birds to make dying painful/prolonged. Death also waited on the ebb of the tide.

TOAD ON DOORSTEP - ill omen. Give toad barbarous death.

UNWANTED DOG/CAT - if sick of 'mischievous' - 'put to cliff' i.e. tie in a bag alive and throw out to sea.

LUNATICS - pushed in pond and forced up and down.

HARE - hated more than anything.

PERSONS INJURED BEFORE DEATH (physically/neighbours' spite) - never rest in peace, take the form of a white hare with burning eyes, from which dogs and beasts run away howling.
Don't mention hares or rabbits while at sea or no fish will be caught.




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