Hand and Happy
 ©winnie caw 2007
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poems written by winnie caw in 2007

Finally Home

The Piper

We follow him down to the woods, 'tis true,
To the burbling brook and the flashing fisher;
Then up on the hill, where the poppies' gash
thrills the eye and quickens the blood;

And, all the while, the wind whispers, "nay. nay"
through the golden wheat,
Where Sir Magpie beats a warning, "One for sorrow"
and the low clouds brood, "stay, stay".

Old heads on young shoulders, even so
We know the danger in the hidden places;
The stern look of caverns and the quiet disapproval.
We do not go.

We do not go into the darken places
(the forbidding gaze, the approbation)
~ we just pretend.

Just pretend how we are grown and sage
with age, and the experience of strangers.
We tow the line, hook and sinker.
The old told tale is but a blinker,
and we are children, still.

~ winnie caw, 2nd june 2007


all poems ©winnie caw 2007

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