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These are images which I have seen and loved and want to share with you. You've heard of 'The Seven Ages of Man'? Here are three of the multitudinous Ages of Woman. p.s. never forget to sparkle


Image  1 - Who loves ewe, baby?
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Image  2 - Tea Mouse - For more nonsense click on the image

Image 3 - Girl Annual   

Image 4 - What Katy Did

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Image  1 - Girl with a Pearl Earring                   

Tracy Chevalier

Image  2 - by John Currin

John Currin

The Bra Shop - by John Currin

"Progressive ideas are just a machine for ruining art,'' Currin said late one fall afternoon, sitting in his living room. ''I believe in the old idea of technique. I believe you need it if you're going to have magic and genius and masterpieces. No one would question the value of technique in any other field. No one would say that a tennis player would be better if only he could stop hitting the ball."

Image 4 - Some Day my Prince will come
Clever animator

OK in my skin

Image 1 - Marilyn

Image 2 - just the right shoe


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