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Rule of thumb:
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Whimsy is dynamic i.e. like a woman's mind, ever-changing.

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Picture Book Actor - Stage and Screen  Alcohol   
Please remove all your clothes when the light goes out

TRIVIA  (30+)
You are invited to take advantage of the chambermaid 
noses run and feet smell
The Pint Of No Return
Puns, Jokes, Wisdom etc
Bikes - Men v Women
What's good about being a Bloke

Teddy on Holiday Pussywillow  
winnie's blog  
Superstitions and Old Wives' Tales - animal, vegetable and mineral
  Girls! Girls! Girls! 
Nonsense Rhymes Poems and Silliness

Not a Lot of People Know That
Kos - Journey to My Dream Island
Bored Games

Alphabetical list of Winnie's selected poems:

A gust of wind, and all is whirling confusion

A poetry reading. Now there's a thing
Alex's 'B' words
Bells, pealing outside my window
Blackbird sings in the dark: fills my heart
Carey was an only child
Drying imbetween my toes
D'you remember
Every band began with 'The'
Fireflies dancing in the evening sunglow
Frost twinkles on the slumbering cars
Hark, I hear the bells of Westgate
He struts the stage
his early laughter sounding like a chicken
How to describe this feeling
I am not a victim
I am not an axe-murderer
I can't decline one Latin verb
I didn't put the cat out
I do not like Stevie Smith
I do not sense the pain that Nature feels
I have a book
I live in a tip
I love you because...
I met a girl from Nottingham
I pour myself a cocoa
I read a book when I was small
I wanted to write a flowery line
I was born in the Year of the Snake
I write to people, in poetry
I wrote a poem (short) last night
I, am a piece of the future
If time would whisk a life away
I'm always the one behind
I'm looking for my family
I'm standing in the corner
I'm staring in the mirror
In the well, the voices are calling
It stands alone out there
I've got a bear, a yellow growly bear
Loneliness is
'Look on the Web', I'm told everywhere
Love, You are the dawning of my life
Lucky the lazy lump
Oh! beautiful!
Once, I was my father's daughter
Perhaps I ought to write
Point at the sky
Polyanna - playing in the long grass
Queue for cucumbers, today
See, if it were another day
Sitting on the present
Snail on a hill-top
Stuart's got a hamster
Tell me a tale, Pandora
The day the Fire Brigade came out
The North Downs over Folkestone
The rebel moon looks down
The Road is long
The sun has gone
The trees sleep tonight
The White Hill is a monster
Then~ she was a dancer, echo to life's curios
There is a hill above a market town 
There's nothing on the telly
They are hacking people to pieces in Slough
Turn, turn, on the spiral of life
Visions of Bluebells on a Spring Afternoon
Wandering the meadows of distant memory
We are the older women
We couldn't wander on the plain
We were sitting watching 'Psycho'
what's the plural of 'haiku' 
When first we moved in here we planted a tree
where to hire a party clown
You are gazing
You can't complain
You look ...... but you do not see


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Garden of Verse

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Poem for Today


Girls! Girls! Girls!  
These are images which I have seen and loved and decided to share with you. You've heard of 'The Seven Ages of Man'? Here are four of the multitudinous Ages of Woman.  

  Three Wise Men  
Lucretius, Bacon and Trollope

Bored Games  

NB You will need to go away and find a partner to play most of these - two heads are better than one! Top