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10 February 2007

This is...


beautiful   सुन्दर, खूबसूरत, रमणीय

Beautiful - sundara


colourful रंगीन, रंगबिरंगा, सजीव
Colourful - chhadmaveSha

Delhi Haat


The Delhi Haat is an Arts and Crafts market developed by the Indian Government. A "Haat" is a rural market that is constantly on the move. Craftsmen set up markets to display their wares. Here in the Delhi Haat, the area has been designed like a rural village, and artists from all over India come to showcase the crafts and work from their region. The Haat also serves as a great place to taste sample Indian food from all the states. It is truly a delight to the palate. This market is spread over a six acre spread with imaginative traditional rural architecture and provides an ambience for the market. The stone and brickwork paved paths interspersed with grass patches make browsing and ambling fun.

enthusiastic  उत्साहयुक्त, उत्सुक, लवलीन

Enthusiastic - utsAhayukta



परिश्रमी, मेहनती  

Hardworking - parishrama.


(Full of) Traffic - saudAgarI
(appearances can be deceptive - Ed.)


tranquil   स्वस्थ, शांत, सुस्थिर, सुखी

Tranquil - svastha





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